Friday, November 18, 2005

Cocktail Party

So my roommates and I threw a cocktail party last night. If you weren't invited, don't feel bad, we'll get you in the next one. If you were there, I hope you had a great time! I know I didn't.

The night started off well. I left work and was home in enough time to shower and get ready. Had a nail polish incident, but otherwise things were going great. Picked up a friend on the way to El Presidente, and arrived early to dinner (which is good considering the reservations were in my name). Dinner was awesome! The food was pretty good, not what I'm used to, but not bad at all. I sat and had conversation with some cool people. We were home by 7:30pm or so... The real party started off nicely too. Rachel's chocolate fondue went over very well, and we had snacks and drinks. People were behaving themselves and playing a game. I didn't really know where to go, plus all the boys there were either taken or I'd already dated them (so that means there were like, four guys, one ex). One guy clung to my sister like a clam in a hurricane. He seemed like a nice guy, but still, back off dude. People made their own drinks throughout the night.

After a bit, a few more people showed up (I don't think Emily or Rachel knew them, and they certainly weren't my friends): they came in, drank all the alcohol, and left without so much as socializing with the rest of us. Not to be rude, but go buy your own booze and get the fuck out of my house. Thank you. Rachel went down the street and invited some boys over. I appreciate that single boys came over. I do not appreciate said single boys chewing tobacco in my house. Chew grosses me out, and it was really rude for them to be muttering about alcohol, bits of chew being spit everywhere. Turn off.

Oh, and then there is the social conundrum... I'm told most guys, in the long run of things, like nice, normal girls. Emily, Rachel, and I are nice, very normal (but unique and fun) girls. We are not heavy drinkers, not even mild drinkers, just socially and then one here and there. I guess the fun thing to do is to pressure us into drinking. The game gets really old. Don't try to get me to drink, I don't want to, you aren't going to make me so back off. Alcohol won't make me have more fun, won't make me lose my inhibitions, it just makes me louder and more stubborn. If guys really like nice girls that aren't drinking all the time, WHY do they want to get us drunk!?

And then there was the dancing. I love to dance, but I need someone who can lead and actually knows what he's doing (I can follow certain kinds really well, but I'm by no means any good). I was playing some really good swing music, and the dumb boys from down the street complained the entire night about it. No, I don't care that you don't like my music, it's my house, like it or leave. No, I don't have heavy rock music on my computer; I actually have class. Please don't touch my computer--it's not yours and you didn't ask. Moreover, get out of my bedroom. You're not good enough to be in there. So I switched my swing music over to some lyrical ballads, then to some Disney music (seriously, who doesn't like to sing to Disney music?), then finally back to swing. What a nightmare. The dumb boys were trying to country swing, but they weren't very good. Rachel commandeered my computer and put on some country music, but that made it impossible for the rest of us to converse at more than six inches. The music had to go. I didn't get to dance (okay, the dumb boys tried to get me to country swing, but I am NOT going to dance with a guy when the only thing I can see is a lip full of chew).

The night wore on unil 1:00am, and I was ready for it to end two hours before that. How do I say, "I had a nice time until everyone came over" without offending anyone?

I have always had trouble being social. I thought throwing an upscale, classy party with nice, tactful people would help me ease out into the world a bit more. Not so. The two boys I really wanted there didn't show up. I don't like drinking, but that's all people wanted me to do. I felt pressured, overwhelmed, unwanted, and princessy the whole night (and I am NOT a princess!).

Bottom line: party sucked. I'm done being social for a while, there's nothing in it for me.

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