Saturday, November 12, 2005

Finding Time

Been a busy two days, so I haven't been able to post.

Yesterday was uneventful, aside from working 6 hours, homeworking for 8 hours, and still managing to find time for a party and movie in the evening. I was even in bed by 10pm. We watched "Donnie Darko." Weird, weird movie. I will have to watch it again to see if it was really that weird.

Today was insane! I got up at 0430 for work, was there by 0530. Things went pretty smoothly, but since I've been gone for two weeks, I had quite a few new residents to meet and get to know. I don't think anyone died in the two weeks I was gone, but some residents moved out (which sucks, but isn't as bad as when they die). My coworkers threw me a mini-party; it was nice. The cake was SUPER chocolatey! Tasties.

Off to go spend some "quality time" with a friend, hopefully things go well. I am feeling feisty today - my wrathful tongue may get ahead of my mind filter.

Made some hand-made rubber stamps by carving a pink rubber eraser with an x-acto knife. Things work well there, except that I'm a shitty rubber carver, so my star looks goofy. :)

My cousin had her baby last night, a boy, on his grandmother's (my aunt's) 50th birthday. Happy Birthday Aunt Patti! Congrats, Ashley, on your baby! Welcome to the family, Lucas!

Okay, that's all for now. I need caffeine.

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