Thursday, November 10, 2005

Origins and Conclusions

Crazy day, but nice and easy nonetheless. Woke up early, had plenty of time this morning to do absolutely nothing. Went to English and KVAL filmed my class. We had a guest speaker, Paul Bausch, who talked about technology. He was a good speaker - I didn't fall asleep once! And he is very good about NOT doing PowerPoint karaoke; he needs to speak to my physics professor about that.

Went to physics just to pick up a paper my prof had reviewed. Walked in and up to him, told him my name and asked for my paper, thanked him for reviewing it, and walked out. I'm not going to listen to a guy read overheads that are simply copied from the book. And he wonders why kids don't go to class... um... DUH!

Got home around noon and started on my HSTS paper. I'm writing about Richard Leakey, his life, and how his work compares to that of Darwin's. I also have to evaluate Leakey's work. 8-10 pages with footnotes and citations. I've never used a footnote before! Footnotes are oldschool... I'm used to MLA in-text citations (which I thought the entire university required, especially the science department). This could get interesting. I'm typing it single-spaced, so I have almost a whole page of drivel so far. :)

Lots of stuff to do, no time to do it. Must stop blogging before it take over my knitting time, TV time, and/or solitaire time. Homework schmomework, I'm going to find some chocolate.

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