Wednesday, November 16, 2005

A Series of Unfortunate Events

So it's been a few days since I updated, but a lot has happened.

School sucks. I'm having a rough go of things lately... total lack of motivation combined with a ton of homework to finish. I am so tired of writing papers! I figure I only have about seven left out of the thirty two I had this term; two big papers and five or so little ones. When will it END?!

Student teaching continues wonderfully. The kids in my classroom enjoy my lessons and seem willing to listen. I like my supervising teacher too--she's cool. I will be sad when my time there ends.

Friend woes: I have few friends. That's okay with me, I don't need many. I would really appreciate it if the few I did have weren't always busy... or if I could find myself a nice, honest, kind boy... someone smart and funny. Tall, dark, and handsome would be nice, but I just want someone that can make me laugh, that I can be a goofball with...

Tomorrow night is our cocktail party. I'm terrified of people. This could be interesting. Got myself a new dress (fits like a glove), painted my nails (seven coats, sparkley red), and have my hair all planned out (wash and go). I feel obligated to go, seeing as how it was my idea, but I just don't know about all this socializing stuff yet. Scary.

I've always had issues sharing, and I'm often being reminded of why lately... so please don't ask to borrow anything. Go out and spend the money yourself...

My roommates destroyed my room tonight while I was at work. I had a shitty day and came home to find my bedroom covered in plastic straws and cheap paper napkins. They also hid two full decks of cards in my room. I'll be finding cards for the next century! Not happy about this, especially today. I intended to clean the house before our party and get a few things ready, but instead I've been looking for these damn cards all night. I appreciate that my roommates were thinking of me, thinking it would be funny, but I didn't really appreciate the prank at all. Not laughing, probably will never be laughing about this.

I need to learn how to make links on this thingy. Lots of stuff going on in different places, and I'll try to get links posted for everyone... wish me luck.

I need a hug.

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