Tuesday, November 08, 2005

What not to do in class

How many opportunities will I have to blog while in class? We're discussing blogging and using a blog for our class. Exciting stuff. KVAL will be filming our class on Thursday. We're all going to be famous! "...I'd like to thank the Academy..."

Not much going on otherwise. Last night I went to Dixon to sit in the hot tub with Patrick and Emily. It was warm on an otherwise freezing night. When we arrived, many people were already in the hot tub, but we found room. In no time at all, the lifeguard came over and told us that too many people were in the hot tub, that some people needed to get out. We were the last ones to get in, it wasn't our problem right? She was bitchy. Wow, she was really bitchy. Figured she could have had a better response had she been nicer... but in any case, she told the people who had been in longest to get out. They were unhappy, but they did. Kinda seemed snooty to me. We only stayed about half an hour. Too warm for me.

Still sitting in class... I've been knitting the last few days, and I'm hooked. Even brought my knitting to class - which is what I'll be doing as soon as I'm done blogging. Yup, I'm done now.

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