Thursday, December 01, 2005

Continued Frustration

My frustrations continue. Today has been a long day, but lunch was good and I am "working" now, updating a website (I'd link to it here, but it doesn't actually exist yet). Never in my life did I think I'd be designing a website, let alone a professional one for a multi-million-dollar organization. Kinda puts my bloggy to shame. :)

So last night, yesterday in fact, was horrible. I overslept (first time ever!) and was almost late to my student teaching job. Plus it was my last day, so I had to say good-bye to the students. I'm gonna miss those kids: they were so well-behaved and inquisitive. Then work was crazy and I got home a bit later than I wanted. I inhaled my dinner in anticipation of two different boys coming over (hehe, not like that, I wish!), but one was two hours later than I expected and the other stood me up entirely. If you say you're gonna call me back, call me back damnit. I'm also pretty pissed that a friend invited me earlier in the day to spend the evening with him then decided to go out with the guys instead. Not only that, but he didn't even go out with the guys. And while I was waiting at home for my two boys to show up, the evil boys from down the street came over and insulted me twice within the first minute they were here. Twice! Eventually they left, and my roommates were gone too. Bored and procrastinating, I went and got a movie, curled up on the couch near the fireplace, and watched "The Day After Tomorrow." Jake Gyllenhaal *swoon*

And today has not been much better. I let anger and a wrathful tongue get ahead of me this morning with a friend. The really sad part is that I don't regret it in the least. He will read this, and he knows he's had that coming for a very long time.

Today was my last English 495 class meeting... *sob.* They made me feel so welcome and accepted. For the first time in college, I knew everyones' name and a bit of info about them. I look forward to seeing them on campus in future terms and saying hi. --- The bad part about ENG495 is the KVAL broadcast about our class blog. They "quoted" one of my blog posts, but took my words entirely out of context. I'll copy my post here: ENG495 Blog Entry. They only showed the first two sentences! So now I look stupid and my words (if you read the rest of the post) were GOOD, not bad at all. I was just trying to be funny in a world of serious thought. Ouch. Lesson learned.

My roommates planned a girls' night. But they only invited my little sister. And she's blowing us off for a boy even though she said she'd come to our thing first.

I don't think having a pity party for yourself is wrong when it's completely validated. I'm still working through a bit of grief over losing my friend; I'm trying to understand where I fit into my friends' lives (obviously I'm not ranking very high); and boys... OOH! *smacks forehead*

Misery 1, Company 0.


Michael Faris said...

It was fun having you in class! I definitely appreciated your perspective and sense of humour! Hope we can stay in touch!

Samantha said...

Wow, now that I look back at your post, I realize they totally did take your comment out of context. [Mainstream media rant here]. Anyhow, keep in touch, my livejournal is at