Saturday, December 03, 2005

Current mood: "Ho Hum"

Worked this morning and got off early (due to a number of factors, primarily that I wasn't feeling very well and the other lady wanted to finish my shift and I didn't mind in the least). Had a very pleasant conversation with my grandma, and later, my parents. Drove home, talked to my roommates, worked on one of my papers, and then got ready to go to a formal dinner at a fraternity.

So the events unfolded thusly: I went, I saw, I conquered. My "date" (nor any of the other boys) paid a single compliment my direction, which, though I did not expect it, I am sorely disappointed in their lack of social grace. Focus was mostly small-talk, story swapping, "my fish was bigger than your fish" tales. For some reason, I didn't even set up any expectations before I went, just decided to go with whatever happened. I remained social throughout the evening, though almost entirely with people I already knew. Food was pretty good. I made a quiet comment to Emily (roommate was there too, thankfully!) that my steak tasted like french toast. That's good though, surprisingly, maple-y steak-like-meat-substance sorta works well. The mint chocolate chip cheesecake was a bit... sweet to say the least. Also, not bad. Ooh, my salad rant: salad does *NOT* consist of WEEDS! Spinach is good, lettuce is good, WEEDS ARE NOT GOOD. And olives? And cheese? Ooooh weird salad.

I managed to be social and not look too goofy most of the night. I'm not honestly sure yet if I had fun. I went, I saw, I conquered (fear of people, fear of being social). "Fun" just isn't quite the right word. "Trying" with a hint of "humorously bland" tossed in.

Going to bed. I can't take any more talking for one day.

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