Wednesday, December 07, 2005

How to Avoid Finals Week

I spent yesterday at the coast. Patrick and I left town by 9am and we were in Lincoln City by 10:30am (with a quick pit-stop at Ainslee's to pick up some delicious salt-water taffy). The day was overcast but cold and dry. We went to the factory outlets; I got a new coat! We'll see how long the white stays white, but I'm hopeful. I got a $300 Columbia winter jacket for just under $100 (*happy dance!*).

After shopping, we headed off to find some Geocaches! We had some trouble getting started... and only got sorta lost once or twice... but over the course of the afternoon, we managed to find three caches of the six we hoped to find. I'm convinced that two were simply missing, because when we went to find them, there was no place for them to be hiding and caches are never buried. Long story short, we got a few and that's good enough. I'm not out there for quantity, the fun is in the hunt and in the places we were able to see.

We did see a few interesting places:
Lunch by Devil's Lake in Lincoln City was awesome (and so cold!). Patrick, the lobster claw/arm is still going to get you, I promise. We stopped next to Siletz Bay to go caching, and ended up enjoying the view instead of finding the cache. Too bad the tide was in while we were there. And our last stop at Gleneden was simply beautiful. I'd already nabbed the cache at the wayside (and sadly, it has since been plundered), but we hung out on the cliff for a while watching the waves roll in. Some of them were a good two- or three-hundred yards long and so green... I'll try to get a picture up soon.

So the day wasn't perfect, but it was a wonderful and much-needed diversion from my paper writing and studying. 56 caches and counting!

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