Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Love Songs, Turkey Soup, and Shoes

I sit here with a full arsenal of Hershey's kisses and a very bored roommate. Rachel and I are bored out of our minds. Not just a little bit, but I mean bored. I have a long list of stuff to do, but none of it is ever going to be important, nor do I much care if it ever gets done, but somehow I feel compelled to finish little projects.

Knowing that everybody loves great love songs, I pirated and compiled a list of the greatest love songs onto a CD for my mom. Well, apparently, she didn't like all the songs, so she made her own list which is almost fifty songs long! And my sister did the same thing with a good thirty songs. They demanded that I make them new CD sets of the greatest love songs (in their opinions). So I downloaded. And I created lists. Now I have to burn them. Wish me luck.

Turkey soup is good. Especially when I roasted the turkey myself, chopped it up, and then turned it into soup. Note to self: more pepper. Always more pepper. I'll be eating soup for a week, there is so much! And sooo tasty. Rachel loves it too.

Nothing new to report really... Christmas was good. My family spent the day at the coast since we previously celebrated with our important people. Took Dad Geocaching for the first time - I don't think he is too enthusiastic about the sport, but he may also be frustrated because the GPS signal was bouncy and we were working in an area with tree cover. Hopefully, I can get him out again and we will have more luck. I got a bunch of awesome stuff from my parents. Dad got me toys: giant microbes and pixel blocks. Mom got me practical gifts including new washcloths and hand towels, baking pans, a winter/rain coat, and shoes. Cabela's had a major sale, and I got brand new Merrell shoes (retail $90) for under $30! Cabela's has some awesome deals going on right now... check it out if you can.

So that's it for now. I am going to finish eating my kisses.

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