Monday, December 19, 2005

Sanity, sort of

Holy paperclips Batman, it's been forever since I last posted! Well, the good news is that I've finally calmed down since finals week ended. :) Bad news: now I'm bored. At least I've kept pretty busy the last few days... here's a quick recap of my now-sane life:

Blue Screen of Death: I was trying to figure out why my CD-RW drive wouldn't work when I received the Blue Screen of Death. Having never before seen the dread' Blue Screen, I was a bit concerned. When I saw, "All physical memory has been deleted," I was more than a bit concerned. I didn't know what to do! Logical course of action when the computer has gone wonky: shut it off. At least if it doesn't have power it can't fuck things up any worse, right? In theory, correct. I killed it and restarted it, praying the whole time my files would still be intact and that the Blue Screen of Death had not, in fact, destroyed my life's work. Somehow, miraculously, my computer started and opened everything correctly. Stupid Blue Screen of Death. Take that! In the end, I purchased a new DVD/CD+/-RW drive (after much research, price comparing, and careful delibration) and got a pretty reasonable deal after a rebate offer. So I had to install this new contraption, and remember, I'm fresh off the dread' Blue Screen attack. Opened the guts up, popped the old CD-RW drive out, slid the new one in, closed 'er up, and turned it on. No go. BIOS screen. Now being tech un-savvy, the BIOS screen means just as much to me as the Blue Screen of Death, but instead, it's black. Between the Blue Screen and the BIOS screen, I was at the end of my short rope. Called a friend who kindly came by and fixed me up. Apparently I had my drives backward, though installed technically correctly, or something, but in the end, I was wrong. Everything worked beautifully, and now I have a DVD burner. YAY! :D Until the screensaver died. I'm using a standard Windows screensaver, but it wouldn't come on like I wanted it to. Took me two days to solve that problem, but I did. As of this morning, my computer is finally working correctly again! *keyboard not found, press any key to continue*

Christmas: Saturday, December 17th was spent at my Aunt's house in NE Albany. Everybody was there! Grandma and Grandpa and all of their kids, their kids' spouses, their grandkids, and now two great-grandkids. We're a big bunch! And there was so much food... we all agreed to make snacky food, but everybody brought enough snacky food for everybody else... oh dear, there was so much food. Good food. A few presents, lots of laughter, lots of everybody simply being there. That's what the holiday was about for us - everybody was there. :)

Dates: So I've gone out on a couple dates recently and everybody wants to know about them. Yes, I had fun. No, I don't intend on exploring any sort of relationship with the boys I went on dates with. They are nice boys, but they are not the kinds of boys I'm looking for to date. I'm only 22, not in any rush to date or get married. OH! And if you haven't seen it, go see "Just Friends!" It is laugh-out-loud hilarious --- and coming from me, that says something!

So why have I been too busy to update my blog? Calendars! During finals week, Mom called me up and reminded me to get busy working on our family calendars and that I only had one week because we were celebrating the holiday a week earlier than normal this year. Shit. Panic. Cry. Moving on... :)

Calendars: These calendars are custom-made using Publisher. I've been creating them since 2000, and my mom did them on her computer starting (I think) around '97 (with a different program). Since I started creating them, they've solidified into a single format and style. Each year I simply have to update the changing dates and add/delete people as necessary (births, deaths, marriages, divorces, the usual stuff). I opened a new document this year, got everything set up, transferred my text as necessary, and then began the long and painful task of finding graphics online. I don't know what the files are called, but I need to find a place that provides small graphics without white edges or borders so that when I place the image on top of another picture, I don't have white spaces. Can anyone help with that? But anyway, instead of using Google to search for pictures, I've been taking pictures each time I go Geocaching. The 2006 calendars are about 90% original images I took myself with my Sony DSC-W5 digital camera. Yay me for thinking ahead! I printed 10 copies, Mom padded them with the thingy-do-hickey, Whitney wrapped them, everybody "ooh-ed" and "awe-ed" at them at Christmas. I hope everybody likes them. Sorry about the error in February, I think I missed Washington's Birthday or something minor. Oh well.

And then there is work. Working about 30 hours a week during the break, which isn't bad... I'm staying busy and keeping warm and out of trouble. Life could be worse. Hopefully I'll keep this blog more updated, but if nothing happens here, know that I'm okay and nothing exciting is happening.

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