Wednesday, January 18, 2006

A Change in the Wind

Putting information up on Facebook and MySpace has its advantages and disadvantages... just as having a completely random blog can be good and bad. I'm told that employers are beginning to use Facebook to screen candidates, and that a blog can be used for/against a potential employee. As a whole, my information is pretty vague and not location specific (I don't know what kind of creepy people will read this). But as I recently found out, anybody can look at this and figure quite a bit out about me. Part of me likes that - part of me freaks out inside. Ah, situation normal. :)

There is a guy, he seems nice, he has many of the qualities I'm looking for in a guy, but I'm not sure yet. Must do more research. And must remember not to play Halo (the ass-whooping I received was rather... ouchie-ness-to-the-10th-degree). I remain hopeful. Things are looking good so far...

Began my second round of student teaching today at Linus Pauling MS here in town. The classes are big, but they're cool. I enjoy working with the students - they asked me so many intelligent questions on my first day! Kinda scary, but I have a good background in basic geology and volcanology, so I was doing pretty good. My supervising teacher is real with the students - something I haven't seen in a long time. Should be fun.

Returning all of my textbooks this term since they're all available for free in full text online. :) yay, $80 to me! $50 to new dancing shoes, $30 to savings. Nice trade-off!

I am headed to the eye doctor to spend all of my money. Will write more later. But there has been a change in the wind, a refreshing and comfortable change.

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