Wednesday, February 15, 2006

In the Thick of It

So things have been crazy, but they've also been mighty good lately too.

Saturday morning - I drove up to Monmouth to get lost before finding the random building I had to take my CBEST test in... the test covered basic skills in math, reading comprehension, and writing. My roommate helped me out with the math the day before so I felt confident. Until they told me I couldn't use my calculator. Yeah, I blitzed the math section so fast... it was basic math and I just did it longhand anyway. My essays were short and sweet, hopefully I did well on them. Yeah... so much fun.

Rachel and Emily met some people in Australia when they were on exchange a few terms past - one of their friends from there came up and stayed with us from Friday to today. He is a nice fellow. Rachel and I took him up the coast Monday... Tillamook Cheese Factory and out to Gleneden Beach south of Lincoln City. Apparently the water here was cold (*no freaking DUH!*); I wouldn't know, I'm too smart to get in it after 22 years of coast trips. We had a great time though. I learned a few new words and can speak with a passing Aussie accent (okay, I'd fool you, but I can't fool Ian).

Tuesday: ACK! St. Valentine's Day! or otherwise known as "Singles Awareness Day" to some. I went to my first class and had a blast learning about buoyancy. My second class was canceled... I sat around for three hours before my Art midterm (which was a total joke - so easy! ha, now watch me fail ;) Sat around for another hour before my dance class - got my toes stepped on literally right and left because the boys were pushing me too far to be able to hold my balance as I'm Tango-ing backward around the floor. Stupid boys. Stupid day waiting and waiting. Decided against waiting another hour for my last class to start, so I just turned in my paper early and went home. Yay for skipping stupid classes!

And then there are my papers for class... one paper due every class period for my SED413 class. I'm so freakin' tired of these stupid papers! "Read this article, write a paper." "Read two articles and write a paper comparing them." At least give me good articles to read. SED407 has three papers as well. Two MAJOR papers for SED409 (but there is no other homework so it's not so bad). Paper for my dance class. Thank God no other papers... I just want a term with no more papers!!! Between the this term and the last two, I've written almost SEVENTY papers. Who does that?! And they're not all short - at least nine of them have been 10-15 pagers... zzzzzzzzzzzz

I bore myself.

Going dancing tonight after some homeworking and dinner. I'm off to find some bread.

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