Thursday, February 02, 2006

Swingin' to the Beat

Wow, this post comes at the end of my fourth week of my second-to-last term as an undergrad. Phew! Four weeks? Is it possible? I haven't cracked a book yet, but I've written quite a few papers to make up for the lack of reading. Don't get me wrong, I read my own books all the time (mostly in Evolution or Art when I'm not napping).

A note about napping in class: When I was in high school, sleeping in class was impossible. In all my years in public school, I only fell completely asleep once. In French 4. Which means most of my class was either sleeping or at 7-11 getting slurpees. But in college, a miraculous thing happened to me: I am now able to cat-nap through almost any lecture. I think it all started my junior year in Peavy 130... man, the back row is mighty comfy. And 8am biology or anatomy lectures in Milam Auditorium with those big, cushy red velvet seats... oh that's good sleeping right there. So now, in Evolution 345 and Art 101, I am able to instantly doze off into that glorious place where I can just hear the professor droning on about stuff I already know and still have my mind wandering around all by its lonesome. Good times. Until my arms fall asleep on my desk. Not good times. :)

Classes are actually going pretty well right now. SED413 (Science Materials and Laboratories) is challenging. I'm supposed to be learning how to create a fun and inquiry-based science lab/classroom. Mostly, I'm just learning how to B/S my way through crappy reading and writing mindless drivel about the crappy reading. Z345 (Intro to Evolution) is horrible. I love the subject of Evolution, but the professor... oh dear. Imagine Cousin It with no bangs and a V-shaped unibrow larger than a seagull. Couple that with stories about weird things that I will not go into because they completely grossed me out, and then top it off with "you know," "right," "okay," "robust," "um," and "sort of." Now you know why I sleep or read through class. :P ART101 (I'll give you one guess what that class is about) is not too bad. I get bored pretty fast since I had so much art in high school (I miss you Mrs. Freeman and Mr. Quigley!) - design elements and priciples are nothing new to me. But the prof is a good instructor and tries to keep things fun. So I only sleep half the time. ;) PAC159 (Ballroom I) has been a mixed blessing. I'm learning how to dance! Will write more later. SED407 (I have no idea what the purpose of this class is or what it is called, but they give us toys and candy every Tuesday so I don't complain and that's all I know about it). And SED409, my student-teaching practicum is going well too. I'm well-versed now in paper-correcting and grade-entering techniques. Long live the mighty rock... er, geology!

Had an interesting conversation with a total stranger in the MU today while I was eating lunch. She was playing a zoo tycoon game on her laptop while I was talking to my sister on my phone. The girl heard me ask Whit for a copy of Sims2. After I got off the phone, the girl and I had a lengthy conversation about simulation games and our shared addition to The Sims. Yay geeks!

Dancing: Oh the joy, oh the frustration, oh the fun! I have always loved dancing, but my experiences are limited at best. Prior to Ballroom I, I did not have any lessons or instruction. From the first day, I had boys asking me if I had danced before. No. I have not. Four weeks later, same question. Answer: still no. Learn it already. I take it as a compliment, but it's still sort of frustrating to be asked that question by every boy every time I dance with him. Otherwise, when I'm not having to backlead a guy across the floor, I'm having a great time learning and moving to some awesome music.

And THE Dance! Last Saturday night I went to the semi-formal ballroom dance at the MU with my roommate and guy-friend (we're still in title negotiations, other long story). We learned how to salsa dance in the lesson prior to the actual dance. Later in the evening, I was waltzing, swing dancing, doing the tango and foxtrot, cha cha, merengue, and more salsa! I learned most of them on the spot with no previous instructions - and I had a GREAT time! A great partner accounts for 98% of the great time - and for that I do thank him. :)

Just swingin' to the beat... trying to keep up with the music and everyone else. :)

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