Sunday, March 12, 2006

Athena at the Ball

Last night was the last formal ballroom dance of the term, themed "Superheroes and Supervillians." I went dressed as the Greek Goddess Athena (Goddess of war and wisdom).

The costume: Stola and Palla. Stola: four yards of emerald satin, folded in half and trimmed to fit me shoulders to ankles. 40" wide, laced the second and third feet down each side from the top with gold cord. I gathered the stola into an empire waist with more gold cord that knotted and hung down my front about two feet. The palla was made of another four yards of gold tuile, draped around and over me so that I looked sort of like a statue. I wore my black dancing shoes and plenty of gold jewelry to complete the costume. Not bad for a small fortune in fabric...

The ball: Arrived early to catch the end of the west coast swing lesson (not a huge fan of WCS yet, but maybe I will like it one day). Spied several other superheroes/villians, but no other goddesses... guess I ruled over all of my people last night! I danced with James Bond, one of the Men in Black, and a scientist-looking dude who schooled me in Hustle moves. I enjoyed several dances with Zorro (best costume there, besides mine, of course). Best dance: either swinging with Doug and doing the whole thing with one hand, no basic steps; or swinging to Sing, Sing, Sing (favorite!) with Zorro. I am really starting to love nightclub two-step and cha cha... gotta love the hips!

After the ball: Zorro walked me to my car (after we failed to find a nearby Geocache, will check up on that later), and we stood in the parking lot for almost half an hour talking. Seems like a sweet guy, but I can't get my hopes up yet. Will try to get to know his non-Zorro side soon. The other part was that, because I got home so late and had to get up so early, I went to work today on about three hours of sleep. Had to tell every old lady about my wonderful night dancing. They were great listeners, asking questions and having me demonstrate my new moves. Hehe, I think I was dancing while I was doing the dishes!

The good news: I had a GREAT time!
The odd news: apparently you can Google me and my blog comes up.
The bad news: I need sleep... soon... zzzzzzz

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