Thursday, March 09, 2006

Guilty Purchase

With my life going absolutely crazy lately (and the addition of a tiny bit of spare change each month working two jobs), I made a couple not-so-guilty purchases this month. Now I'm not the kind of person to enjoy shopping or spending my extra bits of money... but every once in a while, it feels really nice to go buy myself something of no significance. Shoes are nice, chocolate is great... but those things eventually go away. I love books - I own tons of books - I never have a problem spending money on books. And books don't just go away like chocolate... but that is not my guilty pleasure. I bought a collection of piano music. Didn't throw my money away on alcohol, new jeans, or jewelry... ha, I bought sheet music that will never disappear or go bad. I'm enriching my life as well as those that listen to me play... so my guilty pleasure 1) isn't guilty, and 2) causes me to work and think. I like new music. I'm happy. La la la, new music. *new piano music dance*

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Whit-O said...

*dance like robot* he he he