Thursday, March 09, 2006

Recipe for the Perfect Man

I'm going to do my best to create a list of traits I would like my Perfect Man to have, and then I will try to keep it updated. I didn't think I'd have to add this, but the "perfect man" for me, for my lifestyle has to be straight. Nothing against homosexuality at all... my husband must like women... it just works better for us that way.

Perfect Man v.1.4
Required qualities:
Respect for himself and others at all times
Responsible and willing to accept responsibility
Honesty - liars and cheats need not apply
Loyalty - to himself, to his relationships, to his family, and to his passions

Preferred qualities:
A man that knows when to be juvenile and when to grow up
A great sense of humor, wit, and charm (no potty or racial jokes either)
A sense of natural curiosity and willingness to learn about the world around him
Time for me - I'm not high maintenance, but I do require time to have a good relationship
He must love the valley and the rain - because this is my home and I love it here
Adventure - he must be willing to go out Geocaching with me, hiking and exploring
I would prefer that he comes from a nuclear family, but this is not absolute
No smoking, little drinking - I will not be with a drunk
Physically fit - health is important, and I like nice abs, arms, and legs
Not a slob - pick up your own damn messes, I am not your slave
The ability to dance, or the willingness to learn to dance
No temper or a very long fuse. I don't like tempers that flare quickly.
A handyman, or at least somebody that knows more about home repair than I do
Tech-savvy, artistic, and musical - bonus points for any of these three!

UPDATE: On October 17, 2009, I married the Perfect Man (for me). He fit every one of these qualities, or at least tries to fill the too-large shoes for which I created a recipe. A girl can't ask for more. :)


tappy tibbons said...

My, aren't you picky...
There are 18 criteria there.

My list would read something like:
Has taste
Can recognize beauty

Anonymous said...

Just remember that the someone you meet may have a list as long as this...are you prepaired to be a super model, sex kitten, not talk much, etc...

Your list strikes me as very much from a female perspective. The previous items might fall onto an equally extreme male list for the "perfect girl".

-Steve AKA. The Cousin

PS-Tappy is on the right track ;)

Anonymous said...

I like the fact that you added he must like women. That's pretty funny. Good list. Don't waver on it. You shouldn't have difficulty finding someone like that in time.

Anonymous said...

Great list. Very little of it was superficial, so I wouldn't worry about the supermodel/sex kitten dilema (not that you seemed to be). Good luck!

V said...

Sounds like you know what you want, stick with it :)
I agree with most of what you wrote, but- no temper? it may get boring after a while, you need some good arguments to keep the relationship strong, and it shows that you and he truly trust each other enough to not be afraid to argue.
good luck

play drums said...

My criteria for a woman is easier:

1. Smarter than me.
2. Hot- as in sexy.
3. Want to be with me.