Monday, March 27, 2006

Shifting Weight

I was walking across campus today while delivering something and taking a break from work when I walked past a young girl and her mother. They stopped to ask me if I attend OSU and what my year in school is. I politely informed them that I am a senior here, and that I will be graduating in the Spring. They said they were looking into OSU for the girl, and she blurted out that I "looked like I had been in college for a long time." LOL, I may have taken offense to that if I hadn't known exactly what she meant. I, too, thought that once upon a time. Allow me to explain...

As a freshman at OSU, I observed older students, particularly females, who had this "look" to them. They looked wise. They looked smart. They looked like they were ready to be done with school. I can't really describe the look... a combination of confidence and the ability to dress themselves on a dime... well, my words don't do it justice, but it's not a bad look in any case. The girl's comment had me thinking about how much I've changed in college, especially in the last year and a half since I moved out of my parents' house. I am more confident. I do have that look I used to see in the older students. Yeesh, I must be starting to look old! ;) That's okay though. I'm not afraid. I'm confident in my abilities and knowledge. I'm looking forward to being done, to being out of here, to starting a life outside the institution.

I have become "one of the old birds" officially... and I kind of like it.

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