Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Shopping with Mom

I do not like shopping. But I love new clothes. So I have to go shopping.

Last week, Emily and I went up to Salem and I found a hot red shirt that will look sweet with a pair of tight blue jeans. Only problem: no tight pants in this girl's wardrobe.

Tuesday, Mom and I each took the day off and went up to Woodburn together to the factory outlet mall there. We looked at a ton of cool stuff, but I didn't purchase very much. A quick run-down:

Coolest purchase: Pop-Tart Container! It's shaped like a Pop-Tart, complete with fake frosting, and it is meant to safely store one package of (or two individual) Pop-Tarts. I love useless consumer products that don't solve any problems but look really cool. :)

Hottest purchase: Levi's 501 blue jeans. CLASSIC, traditional, comfortable, and just perfectly tight in all the right places.

Trendiest purchase: below-the-knee black skirt - will look very nice while dancing.

Most "Jaggy" purchase: one white t-shirt. Because you can't have too many plain white t-shirts. Okay, so you can, but this makes two for me.

Most awesome and totally useful purchase: PEPPER MILL! Matching salt shaker too. Oh boy, time to get cooking!

So there you have it, everything I bought (or Mom bought for me, in some cases). Mom and I also went for a drive, went out to lunch, and had a very nice time talking and musing and laughing. Yay for an awesome day with Mom (and thanks for all the stuff).

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