Thursday, March 30, 2006

Spring Break Boredom

I do not like breaks from school when everybody goes away. Mind you, I'm happy that everyone is off having fun, but I miss my friends! Come back - come back and take me with you!

Last night was fun - my roommate and I popped in a movie and had a drink before finally heading to bed around 1:00am. Note to self: Moulin Rouge might be better sober. I wasn't drunk, but the drink I had didn't help on a first time through that movie.

I made a dark chocolate fudge cake and frosted it with some cream cheese frosting - *DROOL* sooooooo tasty. I ate 3/4 of it in the last three days, and I'm chocolate caked OUT.

Got up today and milled about dinking with some projects, then my roommate and I went for a hike down the Old Growth Trail in McDonald Forest (William J. Davies Road to OGT, then back around and out). Surprisingly, I didn't have any trouble with the climb. Was a bit fatigued coming up the last part to the logging road, but otherwise it was fine. Slightly soupy in a few places... but physically I had very little trouble. Good to know that I'm not in as bad of shape as I expected! YAY!

Speaking of physical conditioning, I'm edging nearer to that elusive six-pack stomach I've been working for. Hard work, and the aforementioned chocolate cake isn't helping, but I'll make it eventually. My arms have developed nicely working on the weekends due to the stuff I have to lift (plates, 50lb milk crates, old people, etc.). Too bad my legs don't get a similar workout... I may have to implement some sort of walking/running/hiking regimen next term to get my leggies up to par with the rest of me.

I just started cutting out pieces to a paper model of a lighthouse. Yes, dear friends, your faithful blogger is so bored she's cutting out paper models to glue together in the hopes of replicating a minature lighthouse. The Yaquina Bay Lighthouse model will sit high on the tall bookcase collecting dust near it's friend, Yaquina Head. I have reached the bottom end of boredom. Woe is me, LOL.

Made a delicious pot of chicken noodle soup today from scratch. A friend is on his way over with a movie, so at least I will be entertained tonight. This weekend will be boring, but I hope people will start coming home early. Friends, friend peoples, I MISS YOU!

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