Thursday, March 16, 2006

Too Much Chocolate

I wish I had a better picture to post, but it was just too much of a mess to fit into one frame. When I got home from my first final today, my printer/copier was on my desk, the top lid was on my stool, the paper was all over my room, and there was a PILE of chocolate over every inch of carpet. I sent text messages to both of my roommates inquiring if they'd pranked me, because the printer looked unharmed aside from being a few feet lower than normal. Emily replied, "accident, don't know what happened, loud noise."

After some reasoning, I've concluded that the shoebox full of chocolate on the top shelf became so heavy that it fell off the shelf and landed on the printer's paper holder, thus causing the printer to fall six feet to the floor. Emily put the printer right-side up on my desk for me. I put everything back and all is well; I printed off my last term paper tonight. :)

Lesson learned: yes, you really can have too much chocolate! But it looks SO COOL when it falls eight feet and scatters everywhere and I look like a gluttonous chocolate fiend... alrighty then!

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Jeff Waddell said...

LOL... strangely I have no trouble imagining this!