Wednesday, March 15, 2006

The Wait

It's that time now. Wait and see. No pushing, no forcing, no avoiding, just wait and see. Can't be forward, that would be too obvious. Can't play hard to get yet, haven't got him hooked. But I can't stop thinking about him. Not an all-consuming thing, but there, present, like candy behind a piece of glass. I'm afraid. I'm excited. I'm so tired of waiting!

I know my biggest weakness is my complete and utter lack of patience, and God sees fit to put me in the most agonizing situations... I work in a retirement facility - it doesn't get any more slow than that. But dating is more slow. And the tango between "acquantance" and "dating" kills me. Get it over with, move on to the good stuff, the real stuff (which isn't sex, mind you, I like the comfortable ruts of happiness and friendship) and leave the "oh no, what do I do next, should I wait? should I make a move?" behind.

*blogger has curled up into the fetal position, hands over ears, rocking to the loudness of silence*

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tappy tibbons said...

I recommend smoking marijuana. It it's like consuming pure patience.