Sunday, March 19, 2006

Weekend Like No Other

Saturday: I got to work early, but since the normal Saturday cook is on vacation, I had to work with the Big Boss Lady. I like her, but still, working with her means I actually have to be busy and working at work (I don't slack off at work very much, but sometimes I have some down time and I have to sample the previous night's cake... of course). Later, in the middle of trying to serve breakfast, I get paged to room 126, which I figured out on my way there is my Grandma's room. I get there and Grandma is on the floor surrounded by CNAs. They ask me what to do as I get on the scene. I'm like, "what do you want me to do, I'm a kitchen lackey, not a nurse or doctor." They left. I assessed Grandma's injuries after her fall, got her into her recliner, and called my Dad. He asked about the injuries and I said they were urgent but non-emergent. He came over to take her to the hospital. MEANWHILE, I'm still having to serve out breakfast to forty hungry residents! UUUGGGGHHH! Grandma's diagnosis and prognosis: Non-displaced fracture of both her radius and ulna right at the wrist. Soft cast/splint until the swelling goes down. Potential hard cast for six to ten weeks after that. She's not happy, but she'll survive. :)

Sunday: AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH! I pulled both deltoids yesterday somehow, and I'm hurtin' big time. Work itself wasn't too bad... we got a bit behind after lunch ended, but not awfully far. Quick drive home, now I'm starving. And I hurt.

BUT, on an upside down note (inside joke), I have had some awesome and hilarious conversations with a guy this weekend. I think we sort of set up something ambiguous for tonight, but I may have been dreaming that up. It has been a long weekend like no other.

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