Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Apology and Update

My apologies to my friends if I've been a bit whiny this week. It has been a difficult week, and I'm working through some stuff. Please accept this apology--I will try to remain calm and objective.

Many of you know how much I treasure my family. Nothing in my life is as important as they are. Recently, my Grandma has not been doing well. She was originally diagnosed with an infection, later thrush, and after the sixth visit to a hospital in two weeks, she has a new diagnosis (which I am not comfortable disclosing). Grandma has become a great friend in last few years, and I'm so fortunate to have had this relationship. I have done all I can physically do to make her healthy, and I'm sure doctors are doing all they can do too. I have finally reached a point where I pray to God asking that He either make her well or take her to Him. I feel so selfish, so wrong asking this... but if losing Grandma means she won't have to work to stay alive, I will let go. I will fight like hell, and it will hurt more than I can imagine, but I will let go.

School drama, boy drama... all of it takes a back seat to those who need me. I am truly sorry if I've been obnoxious or needy or whiny. Growing up is a hard thing to do.

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Whit-O said...

yes, grandma is definately an awesome individual. i want to have her in my life too, but if that means she will be in pain, i would rather that she be happy than me.