Monday, April 17, 2006

A Cold, Swinging, Evil Bunny, and Swearing

Happy Easter!

It has been a long, boring weekend full of both good and bad stuff. All of my friends left to go home for the weekend, so I didn't have anyone to hang out with. No problem, I was working all the time anyway. I woke up with a cold Thursday morning, but it didn't really develop until Friday. Knocked me flat. I was literally in bed most of the day. Began a medication schedule that included Aleve, 60mg pseudoephedrine hydrochloride (Extra Strength Sudafed), 2.5mg triprolindine hydrochloride (antihistamine, additive to the Sudafed), 10mg loratadine (generic Claritin for seasonal allergies), zincum gluconate, and 2 chewable Vitamin C tablets which ends up being 1600% DRI. Altogether, that's enough to effectively knock a cold into next year. I was nearly symptom free for work. Hopefully I didn't infect any of the old people... I was very careful to keep my distance and wash my hands a zillion times. Colds suck. Rather, they blow. Tee hee hee ;)

My aunt was in Lebanon on Saturday to spend some time with Grandma. Grandma is on the mend, slowly but surely, and having company was good for her. My aunt did a lot of stuff for Grandma... and I was able to take a bit of time out of my work schedule to spend with them. Heard stories about her travels, and I shared bits from my crazy life. That was really special--just Aunt Deejee and Grandma and me.

Sunday morning brought an interesting event. One of my residents had a guest for breakfast: the guest asked me about school and work and such. I ended up telling him I was taking some ballroom dancing classes. He suggested I learn how to swing dance. Hehehe, right, I'll get right on that. He told me that he taught his middle school students how to swing dance. Interesting (zzzzzzz). So I finally let the cat out of the bag, "oh, well, yeah, I can swing too." He promptly rose out of his chair and stood before me with his hands extended. I looked about, a few residents eating, but no boss to tell me to get back to work. I accepted his hands and he immediately crushed my middle fingers beneath his huge thumbs. I winced. This is not going to be fun. He began a basic rockstep, and I followed suit. He asked me if I knew any moves. Uhh.... yeah. A few. So he started to lead one or two steps, always with a basic in between. Zzzzzzzzzz. I failed to return my left hand to his right at the end of a step, so he chastized me for not following well enough. Screw you, dude, I don't like my fingers getting squished! Anyway, I dance one-handed all the time and it works just fine. He also said I need to work on allowing my hands to slide over his. Then stop holding my hand so tight! Sheesh. Short story long, I was swing dancing in the dining room with a dude who is a pushy and grabby lead. The residents clapped kindly, and I left to go wash my hands (and soul).

On a side note: I'm looking for a kind young man willing to showcase a few ballroom dances with me for the residents sometime this term. Said young man must be willing to drive to Lebanon (directions provided) on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon (date TBD), and must be willing to subject himself to hugs and cheers from old people. Ballroom II experience required. Submit application and résumé via e-mail link at left.

Easter itself was uneventful. I went to my parents' house after work and had a nice homemade dinner with Mom, Dad, and Sis. Drove home, gathered up my music, and went to the MU to play the piano for a bit. Stopped to visit a friend working on campus, then home again where I managed to install new wiper blades on my car in the dark. I sat down at my compy and spied the chocolate bunny Mom gave me for the holiday. Ooooh, that bunny did not stand a chance in this house. I ate him. The whole thing. In one sitting. On top of the meds, the chocolate went down easy but stayed down hard. My heart rate and breathing rate immediately spiked, and I could tell I was having a hard time concentrating and not passing out. Note to self: do not consume possessed chocolate bunny with cold meds. Bunny sought his revenge.

I gave up swearing for Lent. No, I am not Catholic, but in the spirit of the season, my roommates suggested I participate with them. This proved challenging at first, but the last ten days were smooth sailing. Use of "crap" increased significantly, as did the occasional "damn" that slid out ("damn" doesn't count because Grandma taught it to me. If she can say it, I can say it. You don't like that rule, take it up with Grandma.) Now that I can swear freely again, I'm choosing not to renew my use of those special words. Sure, I'll use them when I need them, but there really isn't any need to swear. As long as I don't have cards in my hands, I should be fine. ;)

That's a lot of typing for a weekend I consider boring. Excuse me while I blaspheme the fucker that gave me a cold. :)

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