Thursday, April 13, 2006

I Went Flying

Every Wednesday night brings new challenges and great fun as I practice my hard-earned dancing skills. I learn something new every week, plus all the stuff I learn in my classes, so now I know quite a bit. The hard part is applying those skills and making them look good with a partner.

Last night, I *happened* to wear the new skirt Mom bought for me over the break (last one in the store, still on a mannequin, in my size, and on sale = fate). I danced a foxtrot, a tango, a couple swing dances... the usual stuff. The night wore on nicely, some good conversation and some fun partners. The dance that made my night was the last waltz. I'm still learning a lot of the advanced moves, so it's hard for me unless I have a really good lead. A guy approached me, not a stranger--he's in one of my dance classes, and asked me to dance. Knowing how smooth he is, of course I accepted! Little did I know the dance I was in for. He's super tall, so he's able to step quite far. I'm not short by any means, and I have long legs, so I can step wherever I need to. As soon as he realized this, we were off. By off I mean... OFF. We were dancing circles around the floor, so fast. I was hanging on for dear life, but I tried to keep my feet under me so I could hold myself up. You know those movies where the dancers look like they're floating and flying around the floor... that was what we looked like. I was smiling and breathing so hard it was hard to focus, plus I was spinning around and around and getting dizzy... oh my gosh it was so much fun! I can't wait to waltz with him again.

Bad news: pulled both deltoids. again.

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