Sunday, April 23, 2006

Recital, ORELA, and Yard Work

From Friday night to Sunday night, a rundown of my awesome/dull weekend:

I ended up getting a little sleep Friday night, no thanks to the spider horror stories and ensuing nightmares. Exhaustion kicked in and I decided that I didn't care if I was eaten alive, I was going to get some sleep. So I slept on and off through the wee morning hours. Finally got up at 8am and prepped for my drive to Eugene.

My roommate graciously navigated me down to Eugene where we attended [my best friend] Matthew's senior piano recital at NWCC. He played some awesome music, and I'm so proud of him. I remember him playing for the class in 4th grade, a simple song, but I was in awe then and I'm still astounded at his talent. Parking down by UO was an adventure, as was the faulty left turn signal we encountered in a construction zone... oh fun times. I did get to see Matthew for a bit after the recital, and I bumped into our 4th grade (and favorite-of-all-time) teacher for a quick chat. Matthew: Way to go, I'm so proud of you. Congratulations on your acheivement, and have a great last few weeks!

We left Eugene and arrived back to Corvallis around 1pm. I headed to my testing site by 1:30 to begin my ORELA exam at 2pm. Four essays and 120 multiple choice questions. Completed in one hour and thirty minutes. Oh man, it was easy. I developed a serious headache and was nauseated the whole time, so it was hard to focus. Took my time, read all the questions, thought long and hard (eight nanoseconds) about each answer, and filled in a zillion little bubbles. The test seemed easy, I feel really good about it, but who knows... it may have been way harder than I thought.

Went home, puked five or six times (at least I made it home first), took a nap, made dinner... it was a quiet night for reflection. I thought long and hard about a number of things. Lots of prayer, lots of frustration. Watched a movie, went to bed. Couldn't sleep yet again; my mind wouldn't shut off. Talked to Mom for a bit on the phone, which helped, and managed to get about four hours of sleep before work today.

Work was okay. The residents are awesome and answered my many questions about life and love just like always. We lost two residents over the week, so it was a sad weekend for me, but I must move on. Lots of dancing at work, laughing, making people smile... I do my best to keep them entertained. Had some extra help too, so we were done early. Went to see Mom and Dad - long talk there, but all good. Mom gifted me a smoothie machine, so I'm not far from a daquiri (maybe virgin, maybe not... haven't decided).

Got home from work and tackled the yard. If you read below a few posts, you'll get the story about how I don't do yard work. But I pulled out the weed whacker and relearned how to operate the beast. Took me twenty minutes to start it this time, down ten from last time... and I edged the entire front yard and most of the backyard tonight. Left arm won't quit shaking. This post is taking me far too long to type. Thinking about going to play the piano, but the daquiri sounds so much better right now... yup, time for a cold one...

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