Thursday, April 06, 2006

Too much dancing?

Is there a thing such as too much dancing? Well, if there is, I may have found it. I figured out that, over the course of this term, I will have over one hundred hours of dance classes and practices. Those hours do not include what time I spend practicing out of class or with my friends... so it is going to be a physically intense term.

One complaint, but it's my own fault: On Mondays and Wednesdays, I have three dance classes in a row. This wouldn't be bad, except for the fact that the classes fall right at lunchtime. Eating before them means I may get sick while spinning or dancing, and not eating before them means fatigue and ickyness. I try to drink water between classes, as well as forcing down granola bars or energy bars or whatever... this situation is not healthy. Must figure out new solution.

The good part is that I'm going to be much more confident on the dance floor by the end of the term... as it stands now, I know that I know a little, but I also know that I pretty much suck. Don't get any ideas that I have an ego... I definitely know how much I don't know every time I watch other people dance. Must learn... must try harder to become better.

So last night was the first practice dance of the term. I decided to drag out that new red shirt I blogged about earlier. I must say I garnered some very much wanted attention throughout the evening. The night began with a waltz from a boy I've wanted to dance with for quite some time. He taught me several new things; I just love his leads! From what I understand, he's younger than my (little) sister, so I'm not sure if I'd consider dating him... anyway! the night progressed beautifully. Emily was by my side for much of the evening and we talked and laughed a ton. I had a GREAT time swinging with a friend, and we were both laughing so hard when it was over... simply grand! If only I could get a massage now... this dancing is just mutilating my poor back!

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