Friday, April 28, 2006

A Week of Nothings

It seems like the more I try to think, the farther away I get from knowing anything. This week has been emotionally and physically challenging, as well as simply exhausting.

Monday was good. I dropped my Salsa I class because I couldn't stand going anymore. The class was not progressing fast enough, and I wasn't getting paid to teach it, so I dropped the class. Tried to take it pretty easy because I was really sore from the yard work from the weekend. Pirated some classical sheet music (I don't think it's under copyright anymore though), and sat at a piano for a couple hours Monday night until my back freaked out and wouldn't let me sit on the bench anymore. But I am working hard on some new music and enjoy it immensely.

Tuesday was dreary. I worked hard all day, went to the most boring lecture on earth, and was stood up for some ambiguous reason that evening. Went again to play the piano at school; quite possibly the best night I've had in a long time. I'm more comfortable and confident sitting at a keyboard than I have been in a long time. Finally realizing I don't suck as much as I think. :) My roommate and I were home and bored, so we each poured a single drink and watched Brokeback Mountain. I absolutely adore this movie. The film is not about gay cowboys--it is a love story, a drama, a tale of life and living for someone else. So many more words won't do it justice... take it from me: do not pass up a chance to see this movie. You will not regret it.

Wednesday was a challenge physically. We were working on some turns and spins in my nightclub two-step class, and I got dizzy. Was dancing with one of my favorite guys in class and when he stopped me at the end of a move, I was reeling. He had to ask if I was okay, and I was other than being dizzy. Finished that class and Ballroom II and went home. Emily and I drove to Albany to go shopping for a lightbulb for my desk lamp. On a side note, halogen bulbs are kinda hard to shop for! I need a 20W/12V G4 bulb... they don't exist. Argh. We came home and got ready for the dance. Went to the West Coast Swing lesson at 7pm--didn't learn anything new, hopefully I can follow WCS if a boy asks me to dance next time. The practice dance started at 8, and I sorta went downhill physically. With all the dancing and not much time to do anything else, my lightheadedness returned full force. I managed to get in a couple dances with a few nice boys (a great swing with Doug, a cha cha with Derrick, a Lindy with Aaron, a waltz with David and then one with Paul, and a tango with Daniel). Otherwise, I was sitting down trying to keep the room at a tolerable spin. Not sure if my food intake had anything to do with that, but I wasn't doing very good. Emily said I was pretty green. A friend came over at one point (I don't really remember it) and said I looked out of it. Had some food during the break and stuck it out to the end of the dance... went home and slept poorly.

Haven't been sleeping well at all lately. Still pretty sore from yardwork (and it's almost a week later), and still having a few nightmares about spiders killing me in my sleep... between family and work and school and my social life and dancing, I just haven't been sleeping well. I did blog earlier this week, but saved the post as a draft for fear that it ought not be posted (the first time I've done that too).

Thursday was good overall... I had a good day at work and a fun time in my Lindy Hop class. A friend came over for a while and we had a nice time talking. Sometime between when the friend left and we got up this morning, one of our friends toilet papered our cars. Which is strange because I was up until 2am talking with a friend online. I remember hearing voices outside, but I didn't think anything about it. oh well, no harm done. I'm off to go find out why my desk lamp freaked out last night...

And hopefully figure out why my life feels like a piece of paper I can't write on (hey, nobody ever said I was normal).

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