Sunday, April 09, 2006

Weekend with the Girls

I can't even begin to describe my weekend, but I must, because I feel compelled to write tonight about the weekend...

First, some family background info to make things simple: My mom has two sisters, Pam and Patti. Pam has a daughter, Stacy, and Patti has two daughters, Ashley and Savannah. My sister also attended this party. In addition to the immediate family, there were a few friends, their names evade me (I think seven or eight additional people).

Location: The Ridge at Eagle Crest, one night spent in a chalet.

We tossed my Aunt Patti a grand luau of a bachelorette party, complete with rum and a grass skirt and cheesy Hawaiian music. Aunt Pam and Mom orchestrated this whole thing - it was fun. I got to see a bunch of family I don't get to see very often. I decided on the way over the mountains that I wasn't going to drink at all this weekend. The decision ended up being wise since we needed a chauffer around the resort to shuttle people to and from parking at the Rec Center. Guests left the party around 9, then it was just family. My family is totally awesome! We're also sometimes critical of outsiders, egotistical, self-absorbed, and totally goofy.

Best moment: My mom made my sister a few mixed drinks. My sister started off tipsy, but after almost two hours in the hot tub, she was... funny drunk. Cousin Stacy joined us after a bit, and we all sat there in the warm tub talking for a long time. It was very cool - lots of honest talk about life and love and family. :)

Breakfast this morning was awesome too: Aunt Pam and Mom concocted the most incredible breakfast this morning - so much food and all so good.

Glad I went, had a great time. I'm on estrogen overload though! Where are my boys...


Whit-O said...

i wrong you're think... drunk did i get not... hehehehehehehe

Lindsey said...

Sis, you were sitting in the empty jacuzzi upstairs after you were in the hot tub. I believe your exact words were, "hehe hehehehe, my toes are big."