Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Where is God?

This is the transcript to a recent chat I had with my best friend. We're kind of... music freaks... sort of... and really close friends, so we're comfortable being goofy together. We were discussing our relationships to God and where we feel God speaks to us most. Other than that, the chat speaks for itself.

Jaggy: God comes to me through my hands...
Jaggy: i know that
Matthew: ah, same here.
Matthew: I experience God the most at a piano.
Jaggy: so I play music - He talks to me when i'm *IN* a song
Matthew: :)
Matthew: I find God in church, but not all the time.
Matthew: I always find God at a piano.
Jaggy: nah, God lives in pianos
Jaggy: i know, i found Him there
Matthew: lol!
Jaggy: He said hello ;)
Jaggy: loudly
Matthew: rofl
Jaggy: He is yelling at me when I strike a minor chord
Matthew: ...but I love minor chords!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jaggy: oh they are fine and dandy
Jaggy: but they are when God is yelling at me the most
Matthew: lol
Jaggy: God doesn't like C Major
Matthew: believe it or not, that's when I experience God the most.
Jaggy: He ignores me then
Matthew: yeah, C major is boring.
Matthew: ooo oo oo!
Matthew: D major!
Jaggy: oh yeah
Matthew: no, D flat!
Jaggy: that's magic
Jaggy: Eb is good too
Matthew: ah!
Jaggy: God must like flats
Matthew: lol
Matthew: they tend to be more beautiful...
Jaggy: though D and A are good Majors for God...
Jaggy: lol, how the heck do we know what God likes?!?!?!
Matthew: lol.
Matthew: good point!
Jaggy: D Major
Matthew: good stuff.
Jaggy: Canon ;)
Matthew: oo....I like G minor!
Matthew: lol
Jaggy: G minor?!?! oh no, that's bad stuff
Jaggy: that's... hard
Matthew: lololol
Matthew: That's where I sit.
Jaggy: what is that, two flats?
Matthew: yeah...
Matthew: I like it.
Matthew: works well with me.
Jaggy: minor to Bb Major right?
Jaggy: I'm still learning theory
Matthew: yeah
Matthew: lol

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