Thursday, May 18, 2006

Best Girlfriend Ever

Let me begin by saying one very important thing: I am not perfect! I have flaws and bad habits and do things wrong sometimes. BUT... otherwise I'm a pretty awesome girl. And I make a really great girlfriend. I have devised a list of reasons why any guy would be lucky to have me. Enjoy!

I am:
  • respectful: at all times to anyone. Shouldn't have to say it...but I am respectful.
  • giving. Too much so, I'm told, but I give to those I love, especially time and food.
  • funny. Laugh at me, laugh with me, doesn't matter as long as you're laughing.
  • loyal to the end, no questions asked. I will love unconditionally from the moment I begin to love you, and it's pretty hard for me to walk away from someone after that point.
  • honest. You know what you'll get out of me right away. I don't play games, I don't like games, I don't like to lie about who I am.
  • a good listener. I realize that if a guy is talking to me, he's not looking for a solution or my advice or opinions, nor does he care about my experiences. Just someone to listen.
  • sorta girly, sorta not. I do know when to be feminine and when to dress down.
  • adventurous. I like seeing new things, especially seeing old things in new ways. Off-road wonders are totally awesome--touristy places kinda irk me.
  • intelligent. Looking for help? conversation? support? I'm a smart girl.
  • intelligent. I know when to keep my mouth shut. Usually.
  • handy around the house. Need to hang a picture but don't have the time? ME! I can use power tools as well as any guy (that darn hammery thingy kinda hurts though).
  • organized and clean. I really enjoy cleaning! Please let me clean for you! (but I won't clean up after you - pick up your own damn messes)
  • interested in what you have, enjoy, and desire. I support your endeavours, especially those than I can enjoy or desire with you.
  • confident. Check out this list! I know what I have to offer. I'm totally awesome! ;)
  • anti-nagging. I try VERY hard not to nag people about stuff. No nagging allowed.
  • understanding. You can't read my mind. I get that. So I don't lay hints. I understand that you're a simple being. Yup, I understand.
  • a good cook/baker, and I love to make food for people. You will never go hungry in my house as long as I'm there - brownies! cookies! cake! chocolate!!! and anything potato-y.
  • fun, but I am not a party-goer. My fun is low-key and friendly, not drunk.
  • independent. I have my own stuff, my own goals, my own ideas. I can keep busy without you, and I don't always need to be hanging on you to be happy or secure. Though I am awfully fond of cuddling at night...
  • HOT! oh, did I say that out loud? Whoops. Well, I suppose I am fairly good looking... not a bad body in any sense, and I take pretty good care of myself. I'd attempt describing me, but I think you should just check me out yourself.
Anything I missed? Hmm, okay, there you have it, a few reasons why I make a totally awesome girlfriend. Ask me out if you think I'm qualified to be yours... but keep in mind, you better fit my Recipe for the Perfect Man too.

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