Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Gone Swimming

Last night I went swimming. To anyone else this wouldn't be a big deal at all, but for me it was pretty huge. I never took swimming lessons (not voluntarily or successfully anyway), and haven't spent hardly any time in the water. But last night Emily and I went with Tony and a friend to the hot tub at Dixon. After a short time we all got too warm and the boys decided to go off the diving board. So Emily and I went over to watch at the edge of the pool. Deep pool. I'm not very fond of deep water. But seeing everyone else having a grand time, I decided to go in as well. Surprisingly (even to myself), I'm not half-bad in water. I can tread quite successfully, float nicely back and front, and can move around. If that qualifies me as "swimming," I'll take it, but I'm still not very good. If I'd had goggles to protect my contacts, I'd have gone under a lot more, but that was not an option last night. So yeah, 'Jaggy'... swimming... it's a new concept for me. I survived! and perhaps I will go again soon.

Maybe next time I'll have to fake drowning so a handsome boy will come by and rescue me...hahahaha, no. To cry wolf about drowning is not funny... lesson learned.

but SWIMMING! who would have guessed?!

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