Monday, May 08, 2006

I'm Stupid

I said I'd never blog about three things: religion, politics, and my menstrual cycle. Well, I've sort of blogged about religion, though I never discussed any themes or beliefs, only peripheral church-y stuff. And I still refuse to discuss politics on here because I won't use my blog as a political soapbox. But the other one... I have to take a moment here to tell you something. I'm stupid. :)

My menstrual cycle is awesome. I don't experience PMS or get bitchy or whiny or anything. Rarely will I have associated cramping or whatever else some women experience. It is clockwork perfect, generally speaking. I can usually tell when "that time" is coming, and it seemed like it was for the last week, but ... nothing. Which is frustrating and scary when you expect it. So I've been freaking out for a week thinking I'm late. Not like I could be pregnant (sheer geekiness is the best form of birth control, let me tell you). But it's still really, really stressful. I grabbed my calendar to see when my last cycle was... holy freaking crap, I was freaking out for nothing. All stressed out for no reason. ARRRRRRRRGH!

I feel stupid. And part of me would rather be stressed than thinking I'm just plain stupid. But what can I do? There you have it, a post about something I never thought I'd talk about. But I had to write this one down.

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