Sunday, May 21, 2006

No Sleep

With very few exceptions, this month has been the month of little sleep. I'm operating on four to six hours of sleep every day, seven days a week lately, and it's killing me. I'm very tired.

My weekend was not good. After the syncope episode Saturday morning, I worked all day in a hot kitchen and wore myself out. Visited with Mom and Dad a bit in the afternoon, then drove back home and dinked around a bit before crashing hard for a couple hours. I was so exhausted and asleep that I slept through my phone ringing--which I've never done--and only woke up because I was expecting a friend over after his dance ended. He came over at 10pm, we watched a movie, and I finally got back to bed at 1am. Awake again at 4:30am; the first news I got at work was that one of my favorite residents passed away in the middle of the night. I will post a better response to that later--have been too numb to really feel much of anything today. He will be missed.

I'm not online much today, so if you have my number and want to call me for any reason, go ahead. Any time, chances are I am awake...

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