Monday, May 29, 2006

Surfing and Caching

I'm not sure what the official greeting for Memorial Day is ("Happy Memorial Day" is definitely not correct), but I hope your day was special in some way, be it vacationing or remembering loved ones.

Today I went to the coast with a friend and one of his classmates. The boys went surfing (they're in a surfing class at school). While they were out on the water I sat/layed/slept/studied on some driftwood on the beach. Ordinarily, the Oregon Coast is a torrential downpour with gusty winds and snobby tourists. Today was perfect. 60° and sunny, light winds coming off the ocean, deserted beaches, tide out while I was there... oh man, it was rough. I had a delightful time entertaining myself while the boys were out. They surfed almost two hours before we headed inland and back to the car. We took off north a couple miles and I introduced the boys to my favorite sport, Geocaching.

First cache was a doozy: I'd searched for the same one a year ago, but couldn't find it. This time was different. :) Took some encouragement and help from the boys, kind of... but I found this one. Very sweet 50c ammo can! Next we went to Beverly Beach and nabbed two caches near there. The last one was at the Otter Crest Scenic Viewpoint - a truly ingenious hide! The boys seemed to enjoy their time hunting for treasure. :) Score: 100% YAY!

We lunched on the south jetty at Yaquina Bay, then battled traffic home. I'm beat, but happy. Was a fun day with too much sun and a lot of hilly climbs that left my knee in anguish. Time to go drink daquiris!

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