Saturday, May 20, 2006

Syncope - Lucky Me!

I need a hug!

Today was very long, not because work was bad or anything, but because I had a very difficult morning getting to work. I got up at 4:45 for work, went into the bathroom to get ready, and was trying to poke in my contacts when I began to lose my peripheral vision. I wasn't concerned until I realized I was swaying a lot, then I really lost my vision and knew I was going to faint. I groped blindly along the wall until I found my bedroom carpet - which ended up finding me in a hurry. My watch and best guess puts me at "out cold" for about five minutes. Scary. I'm no stranger to being lightheaded and having to lay down, but this came out of no where. I didn't have time to call for a replacement, not that any could have been found anyway, so I drove to work (20 miles away), and then worked all day on my feet. I'm exhausted, but doing well now. Work was hard to get through though, so I'm going to take it easy the rest of the day.

I need a hug.

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