Sunday, May 07, 2006

Weekend of Mixed Blessings

This weekend has been an amazing conglomeration of awesome events and dreadful experiences. I'm thankful I survived though, and I have a couple good stories to tell you!

Beginning Friday afternoon: I was on a pretty big high after the motorcycle ride through the valley--completely recharged my love of the farms and people here. The bad part about this experience was that I dried out my nasal passages enough to cause pretty nasty nosebleeds for two days. The first one caught me totally off guard and bled almost half an hour. I'm still wary of sneezing today, but doing much better. A friend came over to watch a movie for a bit before leaving, then a different friend came over later and we watched a different movie. I went to bed at 11:30pm and got up Saturday morning at 4:30 for work.

Saturday at work, one of the residents (who was a dance instructor in her early days) gave me a book as a "parting gift" (she has about a month left before she dies), Arthur Murray's How to Become a Good Dancer. The copy is an original edition complete with a book jacket. I very much appreciated her kind and thoughtful gift and promptly wrote her a thank-you which I delivered to her at work today. Work today was boring and long, mostly because it was a slow Sunday. I like those days though. :)

Saturday afternoon after work, I went to my mom's parents' house in Albany to visit with them for a bit. I don't see Grandma and Grandpa very often, and Grandma is sick right now. Grandpa just slept while I was there--common for him since he has Parkinson's Disease and related dementia. Grandma and I chatted for a bit, but she was distracted by my parents and aunt, so I didn't stay very long. They really need to move into a retirement facility, or at least have someone besides my mom and her siblings around the house. I have considered the cost/benefit of moving in there myself to help them, but I fear even with my experience at work, I will not be of much help. Something to think about...

The high point of my weekend was Saturday night. I spent some time with a friend, and we had a great time. ...that's all I have to say, it was just fun.

The low point was definitely this evening. I was headed out the door to go dancing, but my stomach hurt and I had a headache, and then I looked at my car and realized my tire was flat. Shit. Well, I've never been in a situation like this. Automatic response to car issues? Call Dad. So I called Dad. He wasn't very enthusiastic about helping (well, he was animated, but not nicely) and gave me a few options. I knew I wouldn't be strong enough to get the tire off myself, so I had my roommate help me switch the flat tire for the spare (after we re-engineered the car jack). I loved the fact that my hands were covered in grease, dirt, and grime! :) I hated the whole flat tire part quite a bit though. Hopefully the tire can be saved and fixed instead of being replaced--it is less than 10,000 miles old and is a very nice (read: expensive) tire. I feel partly responsible since I drive the car, but who knows how this happened... grrrrrrr!

I've had seven hours of sleep in three days, my car is broken, and my head hurts. But I feel loved (smile), fed, and warm... it has been a weekend of mixed blessings.

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