Monday, May 15, 2006

ZIM and Dancing

Wow, it has been over a week since I posted a non-themed blog post... things have been pretty busy. First: site maintenance at right, notice the new links. Just a few of my favorite sites... but then again, I'm a freak! :) Ferry Halim Games are fun and simple to learn - pretty repetitive but still, fun when there is little else to do.

I AM ZIM! Okay, so I'm not, but at a friend's urging, and at my roommate's convenience, I have begun the "gruling" task of watching every Invader Zim episode. It's a rough life...

So much dancing, so little time. I have danced every day this last week, hours each day. I learned to Viennese Waltz, Hustle, and more Lindy Hop this week... lots of fun at the practice sessions trying out the new steps (more often than not, it's just funny to fail in my feeble attempts). Saturday night was another formal dance. I wore my black and red dress, did my hair up all purty, and even painted my nails (oh the problems that has caused me). Oddly, I didn't receive many compliments on my "costume." Not that I should ever expect that, but I was sorely disappointed in the lack of gentlemanly behavior, especially from my better friends. Not all was lost: I danced EVERY SONG. Boys were pulling me off the wall to dance stuff I'd never done before... I learned a lot of West Coast Swing, so now I don't completely suck at that one. My favorite dances were both waltzes: I danced a Viennese Waltz as a super-fast silver with a guy no taller than me, so we were pretty much just running around the ballroom as fast as we could in step. Oh my gosh, that was hard! We both commented that it felt like running a mile in four minutes - both breathing hard by the end, but we survived and laughed a lot afterward. The last waltz was delightful as well; I managed to follow every step without backleading. I really enjoyed my salsa dances, hustles, and other stuff too. *sigh* I love dancing!

Worked all weekend, didn't really sleep at all... I've had about twelve hours of sleep since Thursday morning (it's Monday, mid-afternoon), and I was wearing contacts ALL of the time I was awake, so my eyes are tired and sore. But everything I've done was worth the lost sleep. I had a great weekend.

I watched "The New World"--skip this movie! I feel more stupid having seen it than I did before I watched the movie. The historical accuracy leaves much to be desired, and while the scenes are beautiful, the sounds are obnoxious and ... just weird.

*sigh* it's in the mid-90's outside, so it's nearly a billion degrees in here... shirtless o'clock indeed! I'm having ice cream for lunch -- YAY!

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