Monday, June 12, 2006

Bread Love

I have this odd... love of bread. Can't really explain it, but I simply love bread. Wheat, white, sourdough, french... doesn't matter. My most favorite food in the whole wide world is Mom's homemade Cream of Wheat bread. Dense, heavy stuff... coarse and yeasty. Tastes like a wheat field and milk all at the same time. So yummy. Better than chocolate (unless I'm having chocolate cravings, then there's not much that will suffice...but it's close!)

I find something medievally appealing (is that even coherent?) about holding a bread roll in my hands, shoving a huge bite into my mouth, and tearing off that bite with my teeth. Big bite. All at once. Like a caveman on a raw steak, only... bread. No butter, no jam, just the bread. Or finding that really soft white bread and rolling it into doughy blobs and eating them... oh yeah, tasties.

Call me crazy, I know I am.

Now I'm hungry. And I don't have any bread!

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