Friday, June 23, 2006

Garage Sale and New Chair

I write to you from the comfort of a brand new desk chair. A nice one too. Grad present to myself, along with the Fossil watch. Not that you care, but the guy that helped me pick out my chair was really cute and kind - he actually suggested a cheaper model chair than what I was originally looking at, and I like this chair way better.

Today, I garaged saled (noun-->verb) a small pile of stuff I needed to get rid of. Surprised at what sold and didn't sell. Clothes=nothing. Toys/games/anything having to do with lighthouses=GONE! I ended up making $15 in a couple hours, but the rest I took to Goodwill. Hope everybody got something they really wanted. Because I don't want it back.

Spent a couple hours with Grandma and Grandpa (since the sale was in their driveway). Coming from experience working in a retirement facility, they both need to move into one soon. Grandma has her hands full around the clock with Grandpa, so she never has time to take care of herself. I tried to be as helpful as I could, but there are so many things I wish I could do extra for them. They took me out to lunch today, and while we were getting all settled, I helped my grandparents take their coats off, get sat down, organize the tabletop, etc. Not out of obligation, just because it needed to be done. I was raised to do that stuff, no questions asked. A man (of questionable character and socioeconomic status re: his dirty overalls, missing teeth, and slurred accent) came up behind me and put his hand on my back (holy crap, WTF?!) and said, "Honey, it's so nice to see a youngster out with her grandparents. It's good to see kids like you being so kind." or something to that effect. I said thank you... I think... what do you really say to that? But it was cool. I mean, I was there anyway, and I wasn't acting for anyone's benefit... just being myself. The power of a compliment. :)

*Pushes farther into chair* ahhhhh, new leather smell. Happy kid. Root beer in hand. Even happier kid. Designing brand new computer on avec carte blanche. One most happy kid.

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