Friday, June 16, 2006

Not Enough Time

I worked so hard today... and I accomplished a ton. Last night was really hard for a lot of reasons, so I didn't get to sleep until late, and then slept in far later than usual. Crawled out of bed well after the sun was up, my eyes swollen shut and my knee aching. Emily had the motivation to help me whack some weeds, so we decided to get out and get working in the yard. I managed to get the weedwhacker started in twenty seconds, a new personal best! So proud of myself for that one. I got the front yard, side gravel driveway, and a third of the backyard done in about an hour. Emily raked up the fallen weeds and deposited them into the dumpster. Then, seeing as how my entire body was vibrating, I opted for a break and water. Emily offered to take over the machine, so I started it for her, and she took off with it. Way to go, a whole fifteen minutes spent mutilating a 10' x 10' area! Not to mention the two times she killed it by tangling up the string in some grass... I took back over the weedwhacking and got another third of the backyard finished up. Looks so much better now! And we filled the entire dumpster for the second week in a row.

Packed up a full car-load of stuff today and took it to my parents' house... the move begins. Hopefully Mom and Dad can get my big stuff moved tomorrow, and then I'll get my computer, bed, and little stuff out on Sunday night or Monday night. If I don't post for a couple days, that's why: I'm moving! Home. Yay...

I have never liked going to parties because I rarely have fun at them. Tonight, Emily, her ex-boyfriend, and I went to our friends' party since we won't see them for a long time. One of the hosts is a fellow Geocacher, so we had a lengthy conversation about our grand adventures, namedropping along the way. Oh yeah, ├╝bergeek central! But I finally know where two caches that I haven't been able to find are located, sweetness indeed! And we agreed to go Caching sometime in the near future together - always better with friends and experienced peoples, although anyone makes the day go better. We were only there about half an hour though... good people, good fun, just needed to get home.

Not enough time to finish all I need to do in a few short days, but somehow I'll get everything done. Going to go watch Batman Begins with some friends now though.

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