Sunday, June 25, 2006

Photo Skills?

Yesterday, after work, I took Grandma for a drive out through some beautiful farmland on a perfect Oregon day. We took about an hour to go twenty or thirty miles... slow drive, but a delightful conversation. Today has been slow, but good. I slept in until 7:30 (three hours later than any weekend day in over three years), so that felt pretty good. Played the piano very well for an hour - always a good experience. Puttered around for a bit as well, little projects and such. Got dressed, picked Grandma up again and drove to Albany to spend time with my aunt and uncle. They have a gigantic motorhome! It's pretty cool, and the family visited for a while. Dropped Grandma off, and I've been working at my computer all afternoon watching Lindy Hop and Swing dance videos on Google Video. I want to go dancing so badly!

Canker sores hurt. I get them when I'm stressed. I have five right now. Ow.

My dad is an award-winning artist, meriting Grand Prize ribbons for his counted cross-stitch and other threadwork (bargello, beaded cross-stitch, needlepoint, petit-point, etc.). He enters something in the county fair each year, even in the state fair occasionally, and usually wins top honors. I've never been one to compete with my music or artwork, but I think my photography skills are enough that I could enter a piece or two and not walk away embarrassed. The theme for a special category is about the county and landscape - I have taken some pretty good ones when I'm out Geocaching. Still thinking about this, and I could use some encouragement/discouragement based on what you can see below this post. Anonymous post allowed, but I do appreciate being able to personally thank you for your comments. So thanks!

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