Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Pranking Roommate

Pranking our roommate has been so much fun! We have tormented him since the day he moved in. Our delightful pranks include:
  • Placing 200 dixie cups half-full of water all around his bedroom (in case he gets thirsty).
  • Rearranging his DVD collection by taking all of the discs out of their cases and organizing them into the other cases. And then we alphabetized the cases for him (so he could find a movie more quickly).
  • Moving his bed into his shower. The whole thing, sheets and all (in case he wants to shower while in bed).
  • Depositing 'confetti' on his fan blades so when he turns on the fan, it will be like his own private party (we were helping him redecorate).
  • Turning everything in his room either upsidedown or backward (no reason, we just wanted to be evil).

Note to all future roommates: you've been warned. :)

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