Monday, June 12, 2006


I suppose I grew up in a normal house... we were middle class, average everything...
but we never really did anything, and while what we had was good, we didn't have a lot of anything. My friends all seem to have come from these houses where stuff abounds. They have garages or shops or sheds or rooms full of stuff. My parents never gave my sister or me the option to have stuff lying around like that. Sure, we have enough to fill a house, and sure, we keep important and sentimental things around, but unless it's useful or really, really special, we don't keep it.

Rant: useless stuff that sits around and does nothing but collect dust. Figurines. Table-top art. Pots with fake flowers used as centerpieces. <--EVIL! If I can't use it or throw it or otherwise cause it to function in a way that pleases me, I will find a way to destroy it.

I'm moving back home to my parents' house for the summer. All of my stuff went from their house (my one room) to my house in Corvallis and filled my bedroom there and two closets, plus the bookcase in the dining room. I've acquired a few other objects along the way, but with the exception of a rocking chair (garage sale, $10, assembly required it was so new) and a couple kitchen things, I'm not taking home more than I took away. All that said, I seem to have a lot of stuff! Not sure where all of it will go.

So I'm probably having to put some of my stuff into storage. This makes me angry. To think that I lead such a consumer-driven lifestyle, a possession-hoarding, object-worshipping life that I cannot fit my entire life into one 10' x 10' room is depressing. I was not raised to value material things like that... grrr.

Does anyone have any creative storage solutions that might help? I only need about a 3' x 5' closet-worth...

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