Thursday, July 27, 2006

100 Things About Me

Here you go, 100 random and completely useful facts about me... hehehe.

  1. I’m a label snob.
  2. Just because I’m a label snob does not make me snobby or rich...
  3. Some of my favorite brand names are quite cheap.
  4. But I am not cheap or easy.
  5. Although, I am a cheap drunk.
  6. Even though I don’t drink.
  7. I’ve read “On the Origin of Species” three times cover-to-cover and still don’t understand it.
  8. I’ve memorized Gary Paulsen’s _Hatchet_, and continue to read it every year.
  9. I attended band camp five separate times.
  10. I play the flute. ;)
  11. I own two of them.
  12. I really like Propel water, but only the berry flavor.
  13. I have very good handwriting.
  14. I’m somewhat clumsy... do not walk in my footsteps, I walk into walls.
  15. I can’t swim very well.
  16. Swimming is not a sport: it’s a survival skill.
  17. I have never owned any video gaming system. Ever. Except a computer, of course.
  18. I have four varsity letters from high school.
  19. But I never bought a letterman’s jacket.
  20. I’m really good at doing math.
  21. I didn’t like Johnny Depp for a long time... times change.
  22. I love a man in a tool belt.
  23. Especially if he’s built, shirtless, and just a little bit sweaty.
  24. I love broccoli.
  25. my lucky number.
  26. I’d really like to cut my hair super short again.
  27. Guys tell me I look like a guy with short hair.
  28. I’m told guys like a girl with long hair.
  29. I don’t like fruit.
  30. Except for apples, bananas, strawberries, kiwi fruit, watermelon, and grapes.
  31. I have never cheated on a boyfriend.
  32. The only moment in my life (past age 3) I cannot remember was when I was coming out of anesthesia from my wisdom teeth extraction surgery.
  33. I am a virgin.
  34. By choice, not by lack of boys attempting to get in my pants.
  35. I have never pumped my own gas.
  36. I don’t like it when people tell me what to do.
  37. Jell-O scares me just a little bit.
  38. I love to laugh.
  39. I have amazing spelling abilities.
  40. Board games and card games make me happy.
  41. Winning games makes me even happier.
  42. I don’t watch sports on TV very much.
  43. Do not interrupt me when I am watching a sporting event on TV: if I’m watching, there is a reason, and God help the poor individual that causes me to miss a moment of the action.
  44. I hate shopping.
  45. I was a telemarketer for a short time.
  46. I am mean to telemarketers that call me.
  47. We don’t get as many calls from telemarketers as we used to... :)
  48. I love to drive my car.
  49. I’m not officially allergic to anything.
  50. But I do have seasonal allergies, turn all sorts of weird colors when I’m in the sun too long, and get lots of bumps on me if I lay down in the grass.
  51. I still look for four leaf clovers, shooting stars, pots of gold, and buried treasure.
  52. I’m not afraid of getting dirt on me.
  53. I take a multivitamin every day. It tastes like chocolate. I never forget my daily chocolate.
  54. I do not like feet. At all.
  55. I have never been to a rock concert.
  56. I currently do not know how to drive a stick-shift car.
  57. I very much would like to learn what I do not know in #56.
  58. I don’t tan—I just get more freckles.
  59. Nail polish makes me feel like I have peanut butter on my fingers that won’t come off.
  60. I’m not really an animal person. Nothing against them... as long as they aren’t touching me.
  61. I’m a very light sleeper.
  62. The first thing I drink every morning is Diet Coke. With #53. I wonder about interactions...
  63. I prefer black ink to blue ink in my writing pens.
  64. Unless I’m signing something, then I like blue ink.
  65. I am a morning person.
  66. My sister is the coolest sister ever.
  67. I’m blunt to the point of obnoxious.
  68. I ask a LOT of questions.
  69. I’m right handed.
  70. I can write both forward and backward with my left hand though.
  71. I am a pioneer descendant, old Oregon Trail legends and everything.
  72. My family started the town I currently live in, and we still own the same land.
  73. Even though my family has a farm, I grew up in the city.
  74. I have always wanted to be a meteorologist.
  75. I love to fold paper—origami is how I survived story time in grade school.
  76. Religion frightens me a little bit.
  77. I collect unsharpened pencils.
  78. I really hope you’re still reading this, because it’s taking me far too long to write.
  79. I’ve been hit on by more girls than guys.
  80. I’m not interested in girls. I don’t like girls. Girls scare me. Except Emily and Rachel. :)
  81. I miss Rachel and Emily... so many good times...
  82. I can read incredibly quickly.
  83. I believe all science falls under the field of biology – the study of life and it’s related periphery – except astronomy – which is, in fact, the study of star stuff, which is, in a roundabout way of thinking, all about searching for other life in this universe.
  84. Physics sucks. No seriously. Vacuum forces are awful... you should see what they do to dirt in carpet or ants on the sidewalk.
  85. I shop in the little boys’ section and mens’ section in department stores sometimes.
  86. I do not suffer from PMS. I might get whiny/bitchy, but not as in PMS.
  87. I can create and use very detailed and scaled maps.
  88. Sometimes I swear.
  89. I swear more when I’m playing (and losing) card games.
  90. I do not like sweatpants. Not on me, not on you.
  91. I wish I could trade some of my musical talent for karate talent.
  92. I’m not dedicated or something enough to keep a journal or diary.
  93. But I willingly blog at any hour of the day.
  94. People are constantly telling me to drink more water. Sometimes I actually listen.
  95. I’m really proud of you if you’re still reading this...
  96. No one has ever told me they were proud of me and meant it except Emily and Rachel.
  97. I am a poke-whore on Facebook. Do not poke me... I will seek revenge.
  98. I love blog comments.
  99. I was procrastinating when I wrote this, but it didn’t take as long as I’d hoped.
  100. I feel incredibly narcissistic for actually coming up with 100 things about myself for you to read, but I hope you enjoyed reading it nonetheless.


Anonymous said...

101. You have too much time on your hands.

P.S: You don't look like a guy with short hair.

Lindsey said...

101a. just wait until I make the second "100 Things" list!

P.S. how would you know? you've never seen me with short hair. If you have, you wouldn't be signing this anonymously... care to fill me in on your identity?

Mouzer (Kropotkin) said...

102. You have a pretty good blog.

bit said...

We may have more in common than sideburns. This was a lot of fun to read.

Anonymous said...

Just found your blog... I like it.

Browsed through here and there, read the first 100 things, and plan on reading the next eventually... its just to many details at one time right now.

and I'll leave more random comments later... but I wanted to introduce myself first.

Keep dancing.

Charmaine said...

Hey there :) I'm 15 Years old, and i just found your blog, when i searched the tag 'random questions' i found the questions then ventured into your blog, and read :) i love to read. your blog is really interesting and humorous, and sounds like it could be turned into a cool young adult novel :) anyways i hope i didnt bug you! keep blogging, its awesome.

Anonymous said...

This blog makes me happy. (:

Anonymous said...

I LOVE your blog. I found it when i searched on google "random questions"(which i still have not found...) but am happy to say that I like this blog even better than finding silly questions.

Anonymous said...

Nice blog! i was actually searching for a few random questions to ask my mate after i was embarrased when she asked the question "what was your last text message?". it was a very long message about my guy friend ranting about how his msn had got f***** up again. hes so sweet. Lol anyway nice blog. i like your 100 list.
~Al x

Anonymous said...

Like every other person here I found your blog looking for random questions. geez I never knew there were more people looking for randomness. Anyway, love your blog... :D