Saturday, July 15, 2006

Friend Rants

Sometimes I wish I had more friends, but then I think of the great friendships I have, and I smile. Good people. My IM list has lots of great friends on it. A handfull of them will IM me if we're both online, but most often, I'm the one that ends up messaging first to my friends. Why is this? I'd try to figure out the psychology behind it, but each person is so different. My question, though, is this: why get online, why have IM, if you're not going to send people messages? Not just reply, but taking the effort to start a conversation. Why bother? It's 50/50, or it should be... at least 60/40. I'd like to say I'll stop messaging people that don't talk to me first every once in a while, but the notion is quite selfish, and then I probably wouldn't have any sort of social life.

Second rant: If I ask someone, "How are you?" I'm really curious. I really want to know. Why do people forego returning this question, why don't they ask? Does it simply fall to the wayside, or do people not care? And why do people respond with a rehearsed, "good," or "okay"? Can't we be honest with each other? Especially with friends... tell the truth! No sense hiding things. I'm "blah," or "ecstatic," or even "bored." Ask, answer, and tell the truth. Easy to remember.

Third rant: I really need to get out of town... but I have no place to go. Not one to invite myself over or along (so very rare that I'll do such a bad thing)... I'm bored here, but I'm also not desperate. Can still find things to do to keep busy if I have to. Would really like to spend some time with friends though. Would really enjoy that. Especially after today.

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Anonymous said...

I'm in switzerland, and don't have much time, so I'll make this quick. 1)We are totally friends, and I'll make more of an effort message you. 2) I'm fine, thanks for asking. I'm a little tired after spending the night at the loudest hostel I've ever been in. But tonight I head for Rome to see and old friend and get housed for free! How are you? 3)When I get back, I'll need to dance. we should go up to Portland or down to Eugene and Lindy. I get back Aug 25.