Monday, July 31, 2006


I am not sure exactly what caused this headache, but I was pretty sure I was dying yesterday after I got home. Driving home, my head started to hurt where it usually does if I'm going through caffeine withdrawl (which does happen occasionally). I pushed the thoughts from my head and focused on the road. No help. Got home, chatted a bit, took some Aleve... still no help and the headache was getting worse. Nausea too. I downed a Diet Coke and went for a nap. No change. I hurt. Almost blinding pain. Finally got some food in me and took a shower, and things got a little better for a while, but as soon as I sat down to blog, it all came back. I finally found some water and worked that down... and realized that was the first water I'd consumed since Wednesday when I was hiking. My headache was probably a result of dehydration. Oh man, I was sure I was going to die. I slept all night okay... today I'm weak and sore, but the headache is gone. Don't ever let me do this to myself again!

Question: If one can have a "healthy respect" for something, can they have an "unhealthy respect" for something? Hmmmm...

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Uninformed Decision-Making said...

Yes, you can be unhealthily respecting the privacy of someone or, rather, be spying on them like a stalker.