Thursday, July 20, 2006

I Got Ribbons!

Faithful blog readers, you will be pleased to know, I got ribbons at the county fair! I entered five photographs, all in different categories. Some of the pictures appear on this blog, but some do not. In all, I earned a First Place ribbon for a black and white photograph of Jackson-Frazier Wetlands, entitled, "To Where it Bent in the Undergrowth." The Second Place ribbon went to my other black and white photograph, a simple rose, closeup. I called it "Veinules" because you can see the veinules in the rose petals. Not a bad showing for a total rookie at the fair, two ribbons. Of course, Dad entered one of his cross-stitch pieces and won Grand Champion, yet again... in my own defense though, he was pretty much the only entry in his division, whereas I had lots of very good competition, especially those that beat out my other photographs.

YAY! I am "officially" an award-winning photographer! :)

*Note* Photographs have been posted. Please alert me if you are using them, just so I know. Yeah, asking for permission might be a good idea too. Because they are mine, after all.

Comments welcome, criticism appreciated.

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Jeff Waddell said...

Congratulations! :)