Wednesday, July 12, 2006


http://www.toothpastefordinner.comTee hee, well, it's true... if you could find a way to check me out in a less obvious way, I'd really appreciate it. While being oogled is flattering, you don't need to stare. Thanks.

It's been a crazy week already and it's hardly Wednesday. Applied to three jobs in a couple places, did laundry... the usual. Spent an hour with a friend Monday night before going dancing - always a delightful time, being berated and harassed in that jovial and facetious way... another wonderful encounter with that friend. Took Grandma to the dentist today. Since I'm currently "retired" and my parents and extended family work, I've been taking Grandma to her appointments and shopping as she needs a ride. I don't mind; she's cool to talk to, and gives sound advice most of the time. And she pays for gas - total plus. I don't ever expect that... but it is really nice of her to do that and I appreciate it.

Dancing Monday night was (and still is) beyond words. I set out with the goal to at least try West Coast Swing dancing with a stranger. Goal = check. Throughout the night, I was at no loss for a partner during any song. I Lindy Hopped with guys who know a different style than I do - a challenging and rather frustrating experience, but still fun. The WCS dances varied from easy with a beginning lead to outstanding with an experienced lead. One guy... I don't know his name, but WOW! He was a fantastic lead. I was spinning and moving and holy crap... that guy knows how to move a girl through the slot. *grin*

It didn't hurt that I went shopping last night and bought a new shirt. I'll post a pic soon - it's pretty hot. Was marked at $30, 50% off, then I got another discount because the beadwork was starting to come loose, so I ended up paying a little over $12 for a new brand-name shirt. :) That made me really happy. Plus I fixed the beading without any problems (I've been beading for years). New shirt + on sale + discount + craft project + look on guys' faces = *YAY*

FYI: Blog counter statistics are addicting. Thought you should know.

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