Sunday, July 23, 2006

Oppressive Heat

It has been over a week since I last updated with my crazy life activities.
Because nothing has happened. Really.

Okay, that's not entirely true... it's hot and I'm tired of it being hot. 100°+ for three days. Ugh.

Emily came down last week to spend a day with me. We had a pretty good time, learning to ride Trikkes and talking and eating ice cream for dinner. I finished working on my new computer project, and I'll post the parts I'm soon to acquire for your perusal. Found a few jobs to apply for, but the market is tight right now. Have been exchanging messages with a unique young man for a few weeks, and I'm quite enjoying our conversation (convoluted and difficult as it may be at times). Dancing every Monday, and hopefully a couple Thursdays too... ordered new shoes this weekend, so I'm pretty excited about going again soon.

Yup, nothing new to note. I'm going to go sit where it's cool.


Anonymous said...

Did you edit this post? I recall it mentioning something like "... not completely out of the picture... Especially after recent events."

Lindsey said...

Due to equally recent events, I have elected to make several edits to my blog. The decision was not made easily, for I have long refused to delete or edit posts. It is my sincerest hope that any ill will caused by the posting of now-deleted or edited posts has passed. I apologize most humbly to my blog readers for this action.